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These seven phases guide our journey of finding, navigating and accomplishing worthy pursuits.


phase 01.



Mediocrity is the result of striving to fit into a mold as opposed to breaking it. Abiding by it’s imaginary walls made of doubts, fears and insecurities – held together by a need to protect ourselves from having to feel these emotions.

The outcome might feel safe and cozy but there’s a calling that never goes away. It reminds us that life is ours to design and it’s our one and only. Those that respect this truth by clawing towards their carefully chosen peaks are rewarded with something far greater than comfort. 

We begin the journey by escaping the limited perspective that mediocrity fosters. Rising above the walls to a vantage point which reveals the mountains we were meant to climb. 

Then we must decide to either accept or reject the calling to become what we believe we have the potential to be.

Habit » Resistance

Priority » Safety

Emotion » Defeated

Result » trapped

Task » Be empty


phase 02.



We detach to fully understand our intrinsic nature and strip away anything that’s not essential. 

We aimlessly wander, letting go of what feels heavy and grabbing a hold of what feels right. Releasing the part of ourselves that’s been shaped by cultural demands and social conditioning. 

Unanchored to rules, routines and convention – we gain the ability to see through a deeper, more conscious part of ourselves.

This perception disempowers the tendency to abandon core values. It reveals the essence of who we are, what’s most important to us and why we must pursue it.

habit » awareness

priority » introspection

emotion » keen

result » perspective

task » lay the foundation


phase 03.



We develop a state of mind that transcends the deceptive stories of our thinking. 

Our brains have well worn neural pathways where limiting thoughts and beliefs flow naturally, taking us to places we don’t want to go. The outcome is paralyzing doubts, irrational fears and an inability to take action. 

We start to reclaim control by observing these destructive thought patterns from a birds eye view. This can feel like turning on the lights to a messy room. We create order by running every non-serving thought through a lie detector test. 

We ask three questions » 

  • Is it true? Consider the possibility that the opposite is true.

  • How am I affected when I believe it? 

  • Who would I be without it?

This is the process of neuroplasticity – reshaping pathways in our brain by whacking our way through tough terrain so that the next time we pass through it’ll be a little easier. With every repetition we reinforce the new path until it becomes automatic. 

The result is a solid foundation strong enough to hold the struggles ahead.

habit » questioning

priority » uncover truth

emotion » vulnerable

result » belief in possibilities

task » follow your fears

aim 2.png

phase 04.



Once our view is unobstructed, we get a glimpse of a future that lies beyond our resistance. As we clearly define this target, we focus on these two ingredients » 

  • Meaning. 

    Accessing more of our potential requires taking on mission we care about deeply. One that rewards us with the highest level of fulfillment and freedom. Meaning is the wind below our wings, propelling us to new heights. 

  • Resistance.

    Having no resistance, doubts or fears is a clear indication that we’re aiming too low. Just like the dragon protecting the gold fairytales – what we want most is where we’re most afraid to go. We turn this fear into fuel by viewing it as reassurance that our pursuit is worthy. We become willing to stand face to face with the dragon and strive to prevail. 

Once our target is defined, we make a commitment to spend everyday giving everything we have to move closer to it.


habit » cultivating

priority » listen

emotion » inspired

result » willing

task » trigger flow

pursue 2.png

phase 05.



In this phase the meaning of life is to break walls and build bridges towards the most enlivening pursuit we can dream up. 

Even though every day is supercharged with meaning, it’s also filled with struggles. It’s easy to lose hope and welcome in those limiting thought patterns that want to guide us back to mediocrity. 

Dare to believe that something inside of you is superior to circumstances. This state of mind turns seemingly hopeless situations into enjoyable challenges. Our resilience comes from viewing problems as puzzles, failures as lessons and conflict as a catalyst for growth.  

This outlook fills us with the urge to unleash every ounce of energy we have to keep climbing no matter what. When this craving turns into action then whatever force tries to stop us has no chance.

habit » persisting

priority » fail often

emotion » obsessed

result » growth

task » balance


phase 06.


If a ships compass is off by just one degree then it will eventually find itself hundreds of miles off course. 

After experiencing the thrill of progress, it’s easy for the priority to become maintaining it as opposed to steering it. To avoid getting lost in ambition, we re-adjust our aim towards our ever-changing aspirations and values.

We can see if our trajectory is off only in moments of peace. By carving out time to stop all the doing and focus on being, we’re reminded why we’re on this pursuit in the first place. We’re able to internalize everything we’ve learned and utilize it to redesign the map.


hABIT » disentange

PRIORITY » flexability



TASK » expand

actualize (1).png

phase 07.


Re-energized and oriented towards the pursuits that are most important to our soul’s evolution, we start to progress exponentially. 

Every phase up to now has optimized our performance. We’ve built a system that dismantles our worse case scenario generator, excuses and cognitive traps. So when resistance pops up, it no longer has the power to guide our actions. We gain independence from internal conflict as well as external circumstances and influences.

We now become a version of ourselves more capable than we ever imagined.

Immersed in the triumphs, failures, pleasures and suffering of the pursuit – we reach a new kind of fulfillment. One that comes from knowing that we’re giving life everything we have and we’ve becoming everything we could be.

hABIT » imaginative

PRIORITY » autonomy

EMOTION » absolute fulfillment


TASK » Appreciate