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Who We Are

Live Unbound is an organization dedicated to unlocking human potential. We embody a culture that travels the unbeaten path, rejects complacency and welcomes new challenges. Through social media, blogging and inspirational videos our message has reached over 5 million people from 125 different countries.  

Our team consists of filmmakers, entrepreneurs, designers, adventurers and action sports athletes. We are passionate, dedicated people who love experimenting with new ways to create positive impact.  

Applying the principals of our Manifesto to the workplace has resulted in the formation of a company unlike any other.  We value exploration over perfection, generosity over profits and innovation over the status quo.  

Designed by  Howdy Jeff

Designed by Howdy Jeff

The Opportunity

Currently we are expanding our team and searching for talented individuals who share our passion to inspire. All our profits go towards sweepstakes and video budgets so for the time being nobody is getting paid. However there is a big opportunity to become a paid employee or even a partner as we grow. Here are the benefits »

  • Knowledge » We believe in moon shots and encourage each other to take action on those crazy ideas that we think just might work. This creates a fun and exciting work environment where we sometimes fail and sometimes succeed but always learn a ton in the process. 
  • Experience » Working with us is a chance to inspire millions of people to explore their potential.  If you choose to own this opportunity then it will be an incredibly rewarding, unforgettable life experience. 
  • Swag » All the t-shirts, stickers and sunglasses that your heart desires.  Must be ready to rep Live Unbound to the fullest :)
  • School Credits » If you're in school then you can get internship credits.  
  • Connections » We have working relationships with the top action sports athletes in the world, successful bloggers, photographers, filmmakers and entrepreneurs.  

Available Positions

  • Marketing/Social Media Manager » It will be your mission to spread our message to the right people in the right way. 
  • Graphic Design » You'll be designing T-shirt graphics, posters and social media content.  
  • Fashion » We are developing a new line of apparel and are in need of people with fashion/eCommerce knowledge.  
  • Writing » Guest write for our blog as well as edit scripts and posts.
  • Filmmaking » We're looking for talented DPs, directors and editors to help create our videos.  
  • Business » Looking for business minded people who are experienced with tasks such as writing business plans and proposals.  

Other responsibilities may include »

  • Searching for incredible photos and videos.
  • Being a sound board for ideas and offering feedback.
  • Other random tasks such as research, supply orders, networking, help with packaging/shipping goods etc. 


Email with a brief paragraph on why you want to work with us and how you will be able to contribute. We are located in Los Angeles so if you live in the area that is a big plus but not a requirement. 

Thank you!