Project Unbound

It’s not easy to abandon your dreams, to settle for mediocrity, to accept unfulfillment; but human beings have become quite good at it.  In a persistent effort to avoid risk and uncertainty, we have developed the strength to suffer.  This strength weighs us down, inhibits our growth and keeps us far from the incredible life we are capable of creating.  It’s time to weaken our ability to tolerate and strengthen our courage to overcome.  LiveUnbound is creating a powerful film that is aimed at inspiring people to discover their freedom.  This is where you come in.  Videotape yourself answering one or both of these questions: What holds you back in Life? How do you overcome it?  Submit videos to (phone videos are okay) and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win T-Shirts from You can also upload a private video to youtube or vimeo and send me the link.

Submit  videos  to    (phone videos are okay)   and  you  will  be  entered  into  a  raffle  to  win  a  T-Shirt from  .    You  can  also  upload  a  private  or  public  video  to  youtube  or  vimeo  and  send  me  the  link.  

Submit  videos  to   (phone videos are okay)   and  you  will  be  entered  into  a  raffle  to  win  a  T-Shirt from   You  can  also  upload  a  private  or  public  video  to  youtube  or  vimeo  and  send  me  the  link.