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This online course is a concise, step by step guide for breaking free of resistance to create more autonomy, freedom and fulfillment. You’ll be given the tools to build a life that’s in line with your values, passions and most meaningful aspirations. 

All proceeds go to funding Live Unbound films. If you’re not fully satisfied we’ll give you a 100% refund.

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Why would anyone reject the calling to become what they believe they have the potential to be?  

Because the limitations we set for ourselves are there to avoid having to feel doubt, fear, disappointment or any sort of discomfort. Nobody wants to magnify their insecurities, be vulnerable or expose their shortcomings. So we build walls that are held together by a need to protect ourselves from having to feel these emotions. 

This course is about letting this need fade. Embracing the struggle, welcoming uncertainty and accepting the possibility of failure. Because extraordinary things happen when you stop limiting your life in search of an absence of fear.  


The course will be split into two 15 minute videos and a PDF worksheet including practical exercises on:

  • Uncovering what you’re resisting and why. 

  • Increasing your willingness to face adversity.

  • Being fully awake. Stop sleepwalking through life.  

  • Seeing a future that lies beyond resistance. 

  • Understanding the importance of struggle and vulnerability as well as the risks of avoiding it. 

  • How to find and foster your guiding light. 


Life is yours to design and it’s your one and only.

Jumpstart the path to living unbound – go where you have less control, certainty and comfort but more passion, surprise and possibility.

It won’t be easy but the more vulnerable you feel, the weaker the walls become until they break down completely. 


*You will receive the course when it’s complete. We expect it to be finished by the end of the year.