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what does “live unbound” mean to you?

LU is an awakening to so many people living unfulfilled lives polluted with conformity and fear. 

- Kahlin C. 



Live Unbound is the voice of a generation that redefines values.   

- Boris G.

Making choices for your life without attachment to your expectations or judgement of yourself regardless of the outcome.   

- Thomas T.

LU inspires beauty, confidence and desire for what might lie just beyond what we believe is possible. 

- Camilla G.

Live Unbound is a re-awakening of the soul. Seeing life again through new eyes, free from fear of the unknown, and instead full of acceptance and gratitude for this adventure we call life.

- Amber C. 

Live Unbound means no more waiting. 

- Daniel L. 


To Live Unbound is to turn fear and worry into excitement and passion. To adventure not knowing the destination. To wisely choose your epic journey, and not be afraid to stretch it farther into the unknown terrain.

- Kevin O. 


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Live Unbound is freedom. It's about being unique in your ways, being creative, thinking outside the box while making positive influence in a world that could use more.

- Adam C. 


Live Unbound means living with a deeper purpose and pushing yourself to do and be something greater through what you love.

- Matt S. 


LU is the unlimited Power of a Human Being.

- Felipe M.


LU means focusing my energy on reaching the unreachable and following my intuition.

- Jennifer B.


Live Unbound is peace. Hope. Love. Joy. Adventure. Innovation. Creativity. 

- Whitney K.


LU means to reach for and live your dreams. To help others break out of their daily trap. 

- Dave C. 


That you will follow your dreams and ambitions, doing WHATEVER takes. Wanting it as bad as you want to breath!

Gabe Taylor

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It means living a life of adventure and freedom to be who we are created to be!

- Ladonna S. 


Live Unbound means getting back to my old self before society channeled by energy toward conformity.

- Kathleen V. 


It's about finding meaning in life.

- Prashast T. 


It is to wake up every morning with the determination to live that day with at least one unexpected free action done.

- Elisa B. 


it means to be unencumbered by physical, mental, emotional constraints. To try new things, let go of the past, live in this very moment. To walk toward, into and through fear!

- Silvana C. 


Live Unbound is to truly experience your life through your body, your mind, and your spirit. It is seeking what makes you most feel alive, what scares you, and what challenges your corporal, mental, and spiritual limits.

- Alexi G. 


Living Unbound is using freedom to self verify.

- Toni S. 

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To be open in my heart, mind and spirit.

- Shiree D


To Live Unbound means knowing I don't have to be fearless, as long as I am willing to be brave.

- Jill D. 


To live unbound is to respect the dash, explore, have a blast, reconnect and refresh my soul, mind and body.

- Jon F. 


To live unbound is to stop making excuses.

- Manon C. 


LU is honoring my mobility and ability.

- Kimberly H. 


To Live Unbound is to embrace the natural chaos of the universe, and ride the waves of change rippling throughout it. It is to shake off the limits we impose on ourselves and pursue fulfillment on every level without hesitation.

- Cipo B. 


Live unbound means to be on a quest to find your true self; wherever it may take you.

- Xavier H. 

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Dancing to the music within me, following the light of the fire inside, living joyfully unapologetically.

- Darienne D.


LU is enabling your soul to escape the shackles of societal "should dos," in order to bask in the glory of your primal "want tos."

- Denise G.


Living unbound is being your truest self at the innermost core level. Opening up from inside the you that you are afraid to show. The you that differs. Be a creator. Be human. Live unbound and share what you've learned. If everyone puts their truest self out there we will evolve towards an understanding we don't yet know.

- Toomas P.


Stepping into the unknown with faith that life will be better than we ever could have imagined.

- R. Dooris


It is the definition of the life I want to be living and am half living. When I live unbound, it means I am doing everything and anything that makes me laugh with joy in the morning, scream with excitement in the afternoon, and fall asleep with satisfaction on my mind. 

- M. Ogle


To live unbound is to come alive. 

- Scott D.


It's relentlessly seeking inner clarity by walking towards what scares you most.

- Simon C.


Live Unbound mends the cracks and breaks, because the heart and soul can only truly be fixed when it is allowed to grow and face the world with integrity and intrigue. 

- Bernadette C.


Living Unbound means allowing yourself to be wild and walk fiercely through life.

- Anca I.


Live Unbound is a feeling we've all had. Whether it be on top of a mountain or holding your child's hand for the first time. They drive us to succeed, they drive us to the pursuit of finding more than just ourselves. 

- S. Campbell


The journey deep inside to find the true you and the actualization of that true you in the way you live your life, full of inspiration, passion and happiness!

- John P.


At age 26 I was diagnosed with severe spinal arthritis that causes eventual fusing of the spinal cord. Prior to that, I was extremely active, adventurous, and pursued life with a wild, child-like abandon. Fast forward 15 years and my internal movie comes in screenshots of chemotherapy treatments, wheelchairs, relentless chronic pain, depression, anger and a laundry list of additional diagnoses. It's long past time to figure out my situation. To Live Unbound is to awaken my spirit. And to remind myself of the personal call to action I set for myself in 2005: "These diagnoses do not define who I am! Now get out there and live your life with that wild, child-like abandon that is innately you!"

- Charlene A.


LU is to completely release myself into nature. It's my way of life and it's the only way I know to the most raw state of happiness.

- Leeza Dunaevsky


To Live Unbound is to accept and enjoy the gifts that the world gives us. 

- Miguel M.


LU is listening to the voice inside prompting me to follow what brings me joy!

- Cherie Q.


Living Unbound is the motion that propels an undeniable passion into a reality, beyond the limitations of doubt.

- Rae S.


Live Unbound validates my unsettled frustration in knowing that today I'm not living the life I want to live, and there's so much more in this world just waiting for me.

- Steve J.


LU is to live actively in your desires.

- Lauren U.


To Live Unbound is to live free of the shackles of conformity. Ultimately its a way of life to illuminate the soul

- Zach M.


Exploring the land beyond borders. 

- Jasmine S.


To Live Unbound is to love life so organically and openly that you become your best most empowering self. 

- Connie G.'


Live Unbound is knowing that when the day comes that I take my last breath, I will be able to look back and say man that was fun.

- Patti J. 

To Live Unbound is to do what makes you happy and when that happiness is gone, then pick up another thing and run with it without worrying about consequences.

- Chris G.

To Live Unbound is to see the world for the first time with every blink. To breath in the freedom and limitless possibilities with every breath. 

- Folkwin W.

LU is a mantra of mine that has helped me transform ordinary days into extraordinary days. 

- Kurt S.


To Live Unbound is to experience the fruits of the Earth. 

- Olivia V.


Live Unbound is the will to break out of your shell. We have that ability so we must use it.

- Ryan M.


LU is embracing the unknown and feeling comfortable in it. 

- Brock J. 


LU means that YOU can never stop dreaming and living the life YOU want to live.

- Mikel Gomez


 The ability to live your life exactly how you want to.

- Corey V.


Living a life of service contribution freedom happiness joy experience and adventure.

- Daniel O.


Live Unbound is to have no regrets.

- Dalyce B.


Taking time to renew myself as often as possible. 

- Patti K. 


Finding that buried adventurer inside of you that is full of wonderment with the freedom to do whatever you want to do in your life.

- Mary H. 


It inspires and reminds me how lucky we are to live right now.

- Kris W.


It means living my life on my terms, not on society's terms.

- Julie B. 


It means to be true to who you are, to seek to be your best self, to not be bound by the expectation of others but to do what you have to in order to discover the best life possible.

- Jason C. 


LU is Living within your own passion.

- Jorrit J.


Following the tightness/butterflies in my stomach when I get "that feeling" to do something. It has led me on many wonderful and spontaneous adventures.

- Cobb S. 


Freedom, adventure, no regrets, being my authentic self, looking forward to the future, enjoying the moment, living purposefully....on my own terms. Happiness.

- Laura M. 


To Live Unbound means recognizing the you that YOU have dreamt of being and reaching out to grab it. It's pushing your body to its potential and then, pushing just a bit further till it feels alive.

- Jessica G.


To Live Unbound is to flow in light and peace with such courage and determination that my soul blooms bigger and more fragrantly with each adventure.

- Jill T. 


It is the freedom that is within us now, to connect to the universal energy of life.

- Suzy M. 

To be free to become everything I always wanted to be.

- Holy K.  


It means taking care of our Earth, our bodies, and our minds. Living unbound frees us from material attachment through exploring and not exploiting the world.

- Peter S. 


It's to live just to feel. Feel the smell of the fresh air, feel the pain, feel the cold or feel what it means to be a human.

- Agata W.


To fall madly and deeply and crazily in love with the journey, with the moment, with your one and only life.

- Natalie B.


To 'live unbound' is the ability to grasp pure freedom. It's unique, not all of us can do it or want to do it, but for those of us who can, it enables us to see the true beauty in the smallest of pleasures. We are able to see the beauty of nature and all that it has given to us.

- Elmey t.


To follow your heart and dreams wherever they take you. Not being bound to a geographical "home". Not being bound by illusional worldly attachments and being truly free to live a happy life.

- Chee T.


Live unbound is turning possessions into experiences. It's letting go of the familiar and secure and letting the world guide you into risk and challenges. To live unbound is to be free from anger, resentment, remorse, and regret. To live with open eyes, an open soul, and a loving heart.

- O'Neill s.


Pursuing the unknown. Choosing to accept fear and consequence but proceeding to complete the truly extraordinary.

- Tatiana P.


To immerse myself in the now and the joy that brings!

- Andreas B.


Live Unbound means to find meaning in every little piece of existence. To enjoy what was not made by man. To go out into the unknown yet never truly being lost.

- Demetrius C.


To Live Unbound is believing that the world is a place of endless possibilities and that you do get to write your own story.

- Medeiros l.


LU is evaporating every excuse to be truly happy in this short adventure we call life.

- Christopher W.


Live Unbound means using the heart as a compass to find the soul. To quench the ravenous hunger inside that seeks to find the feeling of being alive. To live unburdened by the expectations of normality, to find each day growing brighter.

- Joe S.


To live unbound is to be called, and to come running. It is a rebellion for positive change. 

- Taylor W.


LU is becoming empowered to explore the unexplored, get off the road that leads the mediocrity and finding out what we're truly made of.

- Gunner K.


Living a life outside of the boundaries, limitations & restrictions that society wishes us to conform to. Living the life that we were born to live abundantly.

- Brent M.


Live Unbound means daring to find ourselves capable of glorious stories. To follow my playful heart wherever that may take me.

- Hannah P. 


Living Unbound is seeing how far intellectually, spiritually and physically you can go. 

- Beverly E.


To Live Unbound is to wake up. 

- Linda B.


LU is to get out of your own way. To live life on your own terms and never give up on the things you can't stop thinking about.

- Jessica T.


LU is running from the American Dream!

- Scott P.


To Live Unbound is to seek out the life we crave. To look beyond what we can see with our eyes and open our minds to new possibility. 

- Karen D.


Finding happiness in the natural world around us, using the life we've been given to its fullest of potential, and finding experiences worth more than words.

- James S.


To live with no schedule, no rush, no urgency. Just going with the flow.

- Ricky F.


It means letting life sweep you away until you no longer know what up, down, left, or right is anymore.

- Ryan L. 


A reminder that to succumb to your obstacles is a betrayal of self.

- Cheyenne M.


To Live Unbound is to push yourself and those around you outside normality
to prove that there is no normality.

- Nikola D.


LU is to choose to look at life as an amazing opportunity to explore the world.

- Thomas S.