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I’m sure I’m not the only person that knows what being bound feels like. Most of us are familiar with that voice in our head that says, “Stop!” whenever we’re about to do something that has meaning, uncertainty and risk. 

Live Unbound is an antidote to this resistance. I created it to inspire myself and others to shine a light on what makes you unique and treat life like the wild adventure that it is. 

It’s a pretty hard thing to do when your mind is filled with self-imposed limitations. The story below helped me a lot in developing the habit of expanding boundaries.    

To keep an elephant in place, handlers use small ropes tied to the ground with tiny sticks. The elephant can easily break away from the rope but he chooses not to. That's because when the elephant was smaller, the same size rope was used and at that time it was enough to hold him. He tried escaping for a while and eventually gave up. When he becomes bigger and stronger he still obeys the boundary, even though it no longer exists.

So instead of holding onto the notion that I’m tied down, I try tugging on the rope a little. I often find that my limitations aren’t real, just a baby-elephant-like conditioning. 

I strive to follow my fears, seek new adventures, and lean into the resistance everyday. I’m grateful to have the support of the L.U. fam – a community of explorers riding together on parallel paths – encouraging, energizing, and inspiring each other to reach higher.