Join the Movement! 

Be a part of LiveUnbound by helping us reach and inspire people from all over the world.  I’m building a team of people to represent LiveUnbound and take part in the rewarding work of spreading our message.  The more people we reach, the more we will inspire and the more positive change we will create.  

I’ve put together a list of what you can do to get involved with us.  This is an opportunity to establish a relationship with LiveUnbound and nothing you do will go unnoticed.  Email me at to share how you’ve contributed and if you’re interested in building a closer working relationship.   

Thank you!


Community Outreach

Tell everyone you know what LiveUnbound is and how it has impacted your life.  Social media outlets are a great tool for this, here is how to best utilize them:

・Share our website, videos, manifesto, blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Encourage people to subscribe to our email list and youtube channel.

・Always comment, like and share our social media posts.  

・Use the #LiveUnbound hashtag.

・Pick one of our Facebook cover photos and make it your own cover photo.

Spread Content

Submit our videos to websites like,, and other similar sites.  Research other “best of” websites and submit our videos.    

Additionally post our videos on popular Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest pages.  Contact page owners, tell them what LiveUnbound is and why their viewers will love our videos.  Here is an example of a simple message that I send:

LiveUnbound ( is an organization dedicated to inspiring people to break free from their limitations and discover what they're truly capable of.  Please take a moment to watch this incredible video which defines what it means to “live unbound”: 

Influencer Outreach

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  Anyone who is successful at this will quickly become an essential part of the LiveUnbound team.  First find inspirational, motivational or extreme sports related blogs and social media pages.  Reach out to them, let them know what LiveUnbound is and if they’d like to do one of the following:

・Cross Promote

・Share our videos or manifesto

・Feature a story or set up an interview

This may also be applied to athletes, photographers, motivational speakers, founders of companies/movements or celebrities.  Reach out to them through their site, social media pages or publicists.   

For tips on how to successfully build an influencer outreach campaign click here.  


We are always looking for content creators to collaborate with.  Contact me if you’re a filmmaker, writer, graphic designer, web designer or if you have great ideas you want to share with us.

Represent Us

Purchase LiveUnbound clothing, posters, cards, iPhone cases and mugs.  All profits go towards growing the movement.     

Partnership Opportunities  

If you have an established fan base then contact me to discuss cross promotion and other strategic partnership opportunities.