The Element Of Surprise

Pretend for a second that you could make any wish come true and shape reality to your liking.  You would begin to give yourself everything you desire and indulge in every pleasure you could conceive.  After awhile of experiencing the predictability and comfort that comes with having full control, you would begin to crave a different kind of pleasure.  One that has the element of surprise and a touch of uncertainty.  As your wishes become more daring you’ll realize that not knowing what’s around the corner is what makes life the adventure that it is.  Eventually you’ll make your final wish - to remove the safety net.  To lose your power of having ultimate control and instead of getting everything you wish for, you'll only get what you create.  Essential you’ll wish to be living the life you’re living right now.   

Inspired by this song I just heard which features the voice of the great Alan Watts.