The Never-ending Want

When you’re depleted of energy you need fuel.  Everyone has their own version of fuel or the ingredients that make them feel truly alive. Mine has always been inspiration.  It makes me feel excited about life and forces me to be in the here and now.

I felt a lack of inspiration lately, partly because I was searching for it in a computer screen, but also because I was overwhelmed with desires.  A desire to experience adventures and to make my mark.  In Zen they say to get rid of all desires and you’ll be free but isn’t that a desire of its own?

I think desires are essential; they give you purpose and when you achieve them they give you fulfillment.  But when they become an uncontrollable obsession they eliminate the magic that is required to attain them.  When they begin to define your character you must work on detaching from the never-ending want.  

That was the purpose of the snowboarding trip I just took.  I got completely lost in the ride until the destination became irrelevant.  The thrill of the moment was no longer distracted by the dream of a brighter future.  I feel fully rejuvenated and ready to get back to the work that I love.   

Photo by Karezoid Michal Karcz