liveunbound anniversary

Live Unbound is 2 years old!

The more significant a journey is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we’ll feel towards pursuing it.

In the last year I learned that this resistance doesn’t stop when you make the choice to begin, when you choose to take that exit off the highway (as seen on "we live unbound"). You have to overcome it every day, sometimes every second and it almost got me this past year. For example my resistance would ask me questions like “What makes you think you’re worthy of being a source of inspiration?”

The beautiful thing is there is always an antidote to a doubt, I just have to take the time to find it. In this case it’s a simple line by Marianne Williamson, “Your playing small does not serve the world.”

I look back at the videos and writings I did this last year and wonder if it really hit the points that I was trying to make. I try not to care too much. All that matters is I didn't hold back and gave it everything I had. For this year, I have overcome the resistance.

Thanks for joining us and making 2013 such a remarkable year!

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