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The Live Unbound blog exists to inspire anyone who strives to discover what they are truly capable of achieving. 


In January I’ll be committing myself full time to LiveUnbound and focusing less on writing and more on creating a series of powerful videos.  In an effort to fund these videos I opened up the LiveUnbound store (shirts made by American Apparel).  There's a variety of sizes/colors/styles and we ship to 30 different countries.  Thanks for the support!

- Yali

Click to purchase  // © LiveUnbound

Click to purchase // © LiveUnbound

On another note here is the trailer for the new film by Sherpas Cinema. This one is going to be incredible.


As I’ve said before I hope I see the day when the word “work” is no longer perceived as putting time and energy into an undesirable act for a desired result.  I think the key is to change the desired result from money to waking up feeling excited about the “work” you’re about to do.  Funny thing is once you do that the money will follow.  Companies like Ten Tree succeeded because they invested in an idea that holds value and benefits the world.  They plants 10 trees for every shirt they sell and since they launched just 10 months ago they’ve planted over 150,000 trees! I’m proud to say that Ten Tree is now selling LiveUnbound apparel. 

On another note, if you’ve never seen it before, this is the HOLSTEE manifesto.  Which you can purchase here.