money vs. success


A lot of people ask me how I'm able to afford to "live unbound". To answer that question first let me say that for me success is not measured by how wealthy I am; it's defined by how much freedom I have. The freedom to do the things I love, explore the world and spend time with family/friends. In the world we live in we do need a certain amount of money to own our desired freedoms. So many people spend their whole lives chasing this money, doing work they don't like. That's not very fun and is usually ineffective so try doing something innovative, exciting and beneficial to the world (If you're worried about the "how" start here). We live in a time where the creator has more power than ever before. We don't need publishers, studios, sponsors or big corporations to back us; we just need ideas that spread (for more on this watch the documentary below). Pick an idea you undoubtably believe in. Belief is everything and it fades quick so hold on tight. As Henry Ford said whether you believe you can, or you can't, you are right. Execute with complete focus, dedication and hard work. Don't worry it's not 9-5 work, it's 'make you feel alive work'. Everything won't snap into place perfectly, so stay persistent.

In short: Passion > Ideas > Execute > Belief > Hard work > Focus > Persist > Success