paulo coelho

The Guiding Light

We all have a treasure that awaits us.  When we’re young, our heart constantly gives us clues on how to find it.  We start our search and quickly face obstacles which test our ability, determination and courage.  As we struggle in these challenges we become distracted by an easier, safer path.  We often take it because avoiding pain is our priority, not seeking pleasure.

Our heart tells us we’re off course but we ignore it.  We settle into a life of mediocrity, convincing ourselves that our search was a far fetched dream and now we must face reality.

We go to the movies, read books, visit museums and marvel at the incredible work that others have created.  Completely unaware of our capacity to create the same beauty.  

As the years pass our guiding light becomes dimer, as if our heart knows that we suffer when reminded that our search is over.  But as dim as the light may be, it never disappears completely because in some far off place still lies our greatest treasure.  

Inspired by “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.


Photograph by © Ben Canales