One where chances of failure are high. Only when you’re face to face with defeat, an unfamiliar side of yourself takes over and overcomes. This psychological strength is unknown to the play-it-safers. Not because they don’t have it inside them, because it’s not attracted to small endeavors. It needs bold, courageous effort to flourish. 

Ethan Morgan // Silvretta Montafon // Austria

Why is it that what people can accomplish is often greater than what they believe they can.  Our limitations are an illusion created by us and they will be broken by us.

When you're optimistic you no longer need a sense of control. You know that life will flow as it will, taking you where you need to be. 

Scene from "Where the trail ends".

Life is a river; always moving forward, barreling straight through the impossible. Some of us are disconnected from the flow of the river. This disconnect kills joy, interaction and purpose. Life's greatest adventure, all it's beauty, sails by unnoticed. But the river is never that far off. There is always a way back into the rush of moving forward.

Life Cycles OFFICIAL Trailer from Life Cycles on Vimeo.

We spend so much time thinking, worrying, questioning. Spend a few seconds lost in a moment. No time to think, just reaction and focus. All the worry and the want washed away by the rush. That's living (pharaphrased from Life Cycles).


You need to be able to sacrifice who you are for what you will become.

Photograph by Sarah Lee

Belief is confidence emerging from the anticipation of success.

Photograph by Jussi Grznar

The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning, you didn't even think to ask.  A line from a great travel documentary "180 degrees South". 

Photograph by Jussi Grznar

This documentary "Touching the Void" (also on netflix) tells an incredible survival story that is definitely worth watching. Joe Simpson escaped certain death on his attempt to climb Siula Grande (6,344m) in the Peruvian Andes.  Alone with a broken leg, 100 feet inside of a crevasse, he had no chance of climbing up. He had to decide whether to give up and wait for his death or climb down the crevasse into the dark unknown. Venturing into what seemed to be a dead end was a decision that wound up saving his life.  Sometimes the path we need to take is disguised as a treacherous road to know where.

If you look back in history, taking a plunge or facing danger is usually associated with freedom and strength. It seems like in the present, it's almost always associated with fear and pain. 

Photograph by Oli Gagnon

When you travel you realize that people are wrong about other countries. This is Africa.

Photograph by Jody MacDonald

If there is an official LiveUnbound sculpture, then this is it!

Sculpture by Zenos Frudakis Location: 16th and Vine Streets, Philadelphia, USA

The limitations of what we can and can’t do were created by us and will be broken by us. Breaking boundaries or going against existing beliefs often seems unrealistic and even foolish. But since they are inaccurate to begin with, it's okay to be "foolish". Do it not only for your own personal freedom, but also to spark the imagination of those trapped in the illusion of inability.

Photograph by Andrew Buckley

When was the last time you woke up and felt like today was going to be the best day of your life? Let go of the tired notion that the best is yet to come. Today is a new day with unlimited opportunities. 

Photograph by Scott Serfas

What if your commute to work looked like this?

Photograph by Clark Little

If you're interested in how the picture above was captured then watch this video. This is just another day in the office for photographer Clark Little. He is a perfect example of how you turn your passion into a successful career.