the resistance

Lean Into The Resistance

“The resistance” is that voice inside your head that says “stop!” whenever you're about to do something challenging and important.  This results in indecision, procrastination, or paralyzing doubt. In other words an impenetrable wall.  When we’re standing face to face with the wall it’s easy to come up with a long list of excuses as to why we should walk in the other direction.  But when we choose to walk away we quickly encounter another wall.  Until one day we find ourselves in a confined, hopeless place; far away from the freedom we were capable of creating.

So how do you break through an impenetrable wall?  By understanding that the wall is a figment of your fear and doubt; it does not exist. You created it by listening to that voice inside your head that said “don’t do this!”.  But that voice is often a sign that you MUST do it.  The resistance is a green light disguised as a stop sign. When you feel doubt, fear or vulnerability it often means that what you’re thinking about doing holds meaning and must be explored.

So instead of fighting the resistance, you should seek it.  If you never feel it then maybe you’re living too safe and consequently below your potential.  Maybe you’ve found contentment in mediocrity and staying within the boundaries of your comfort zone has become acceptable.  The problem with living this way is that if you abide by the walls, they’ll slowly start closing in. Living too safe is dangerous.  

To live a life that is truly unbound, we must commit to the frightening act of exploring our capabilities and shining a light on what makes us unique.     

Designed by Zachary Smith