what is inspiration

Motivation is the push. Inspiration is the pull.

Lately I’ve been finding myself struggling to find motivation to do the same work that used to happen naturally. I try to push myself to keep doing the things that have satisfied my creativity in the past but sometimes it just feels too forced. I ran into this article “Inspiration vs. Motivation” and it states that motivation is required when you’re not connected with your highest values.

“Inspiration is a calling to act because you’re in direct alignment with the luminous marrow of potential that is you.” - Jonathan Mead

So instead of seeking motivation I’m now in the process of re-aligning. For me the first step is to let go of expectations which disturb the flow of my imagination. The flow that takes me to a place where I can create effortlessly without flatlining. Second is to reconnect with why I fell in love with the work in the first place. I do that until I feel the energy and excitement that lights the path ahead.