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The Live Unbound blog exists to inspire anyone who strives to discover what they are truly capable of achieving. 

Discovering Your Freedom

Trying to be more than I am is who I am.  Not because I'm never satisfied but because it's so much fun. 

I don't think that exploring your capabilities is extreme, I think it’s a natural human tendency.  You can think of it as breaking your limitations or you can think of it as discovering your freedom.

Photo by Wolfgang Lienbacher


Here are 5 random thoughts I'd like to share:

1. A pessimist daydreams about misery while on a road trip to doom, as opposed to the optimist, who is aware that he controls the car.  

2. A failure is a successful discovery of one approach that doesn’t work.  That and a reminder that you’re one step closer. 

3. The problem with human beings is not that they are afraid to die, it’s that they are afraid to live.  

4. Your life is like a book but you’re not the main character, you’re the writer. 

5. Rock bottom is a solid foundation for rebuilding.

Photograph by © Wolfgang Lienbacher