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#15 Breaking a self-imposed limitation



I have run into many versions of limitation in my life but they were usually self-imposed.  This is a result of allowing irrational fears and doubt to overthrow my confidence and belief.  I began to change after the first time I heard a well known analogy:  

To keep an elephant in place, handlers use small ropes tied to the ground with tiny sticks.  The elephant can easily break away from the rope but it does not.  That's because when the elephant was younger and smaller the same size rope was used to tie them and, at that age it’s enough to hold them.  They try to escape for a while and eventually give up.  When they are older and stronger they still obey the limitation, even though it no longer exists.

These days instead of accepting that I’m tied down; I’m never afraid to tug on the rope a little.  I often find that my limitations are not real, just a baby-elephant-like conditioning.  

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Photo by Keith Ladzinski

#10 When someday becomes today


Epic Moment #10

You plan, you cancel, you re-plan, you doubt, you cancel again. The notion that postponing is okay because you got all the time in the world can be dangerous.  It’s a shame that the saying “tomorrow is not promised” has become a cliche because in the process it’s lost its impact. To really internalize that truth is the cure to procrastination. 

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to take a rain check.

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#9 Reaching the peak of a mountain you struggled to climb


Epic Moment #9

We all make choices in life which mountains we climb and which we pass up. Once in a while there comes a mountain that might be beyond our physical capabilities but not our psychological strength.

You get hit with a rush of excitement when you make the decision to reach for this potentially unreachable peak. But the feeling doesn’t compare to the moment you’re standing on the summit with your legs shaking uncontrollably knowing that anything is possible.

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#3 When The Plane Door Opens On Your First Skydive


Epic Moment #3 

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Photo by Justin Martinez

#1 Hiking Above The Clouds

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