The Reality Distortion Field

The earth is not flat and cigarettes are not good for your health.  We were wrong then so what makes us think we are right now?  

The facts we live by (the ones that often limit us) could very well be false.  Despite this we acquire our beliefs and rational based on these facts.  But some people ignore facts, they ignore logic, they ignore reality because they feel it’s based on a human misunderstanding. These people shape our future and they redefine our limitations.

Surfer: Garrett McNamara // Photo: Tó Mané

They are the reason why there has been more progress in the last 100 years then there has in the last billion.  For example, Steve Jobs lived in a “reality distortion field” (as his colleagues named it) which enabled him to build an empire that revolutionized how human beings interact with each other.  Felix Baumgartner skydived from space and Roger Bannister ran a mile in under 4 minutes.  

This is what I mean by live unbound.  Set your limitations based on what YOU feel like you can accomplish instead of abiding by guidelines the world has set for you.

Be careful of the logic you’ve acquired because when you feel like you can, it will easily justify why you can’t.

Photo by Johanna Kirk