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The Reality Distortion Field

The earth is not flat and cigarettes are not good for your health.  We were wrong then so what makes us think we are right now?  

The facts we live by (the ones that often limit us) could very well be false.  Despite this we acquire our beliefs and rational based on these facts.  But some people ignore facts, they ignore logic, they ignore reality because they feel it’s based on a human misunderstanding. These people shape our future and they redefine our limitations.

Surfer: Garrett McNamara // Photo: Tó Mané

They are the reason why there has been more progress in the last 100 years then there has in the last billion.  For example, Steve Jobs lived in a “reality distortion field” (as his colleagues named it) which enabled him to build an empire that revolutionized how human beings interact with each other.  Felix Baumgartner skydived from space and Roger Bannister ran a mile in under 4 minutes.  

This is what I mean by live unbound.  Set your limitations based on what YOU feel like you can accomplish instead of abiding by guidelines the world has set for you.

Be careful of the logic you’ve acquired because when you feel like you can, it will easily justify why you can’t.

Photo by Johanna Kirk


Logic is the greatest enemy of truth.  Like Ambrose Bierce said: “It’s the art of thinking in strict accordance with the limitations of the human misunderstanding.” When we feel like we can, logic justifies why we can’t.  Just as important as learning is unlearning the lies which restrict our potential and suffocate our imagination.  




First of all, everything you can’t control! But more importantly don’t worry about failure because then you won’t try anything. And if you worry too much while you’re trying something then chances are you will fail. For example when you’re doing a trick if you think about falling then you will fall. It’s that simple. Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want.  

Photographer unknown

Red Bull is officially no longer an energy drink and the sky is officially no longer the limit.

The problem of unemployment and underemployment (unfulfilling work) is here to stay unless we take matters into our own hands. Luckily, the best opportunities today are centered around creating your own assets. “Real jobs” are no longer the safe route because you have to rely on someone else in an unpredictable economy. You can’t exchange 40 hours (of unfulfilling work) a week for a secure life anymore so ask yourself - what do you really want to do? 

Chris Guillebeau is leading a micro-entrepreneurship revolution right now, check him out at www.chrisguillebeau.com

© Ray Collins - Photographer

Is there anything you do regularly that makes you forget what time it is? When you’re completely lost in the ride, the destination becomes irrelevant. The beauty of each moment is no longer distracted by the dream of a brighter future.

I recently took a day trip to WaveHouse San Diego to shoot the Flowboarding Championships. They were doing some pretty amazing tricks, check it out (and share if you like).

© Marc Gerard // Athlete: Anthony Marocco // Location: Bilbao, Spain

Dare to believe that something inside of you is superior to circumstances. This state of mind turns hopeless situations into enjoyable challenges.

Rider: John Jackson // Tordrillo Mountains, AK USA // © Scott Serfas