follow your fears

MAY 2015

May has been one of the most incredible months of my life. I gave a TEDx talk then set off on an intense road trip to shoot Go Seek. There were many ups and downs but it's not an adventure until things start going wrong, you ditch the plan and go with the flow of wherever life wants to take you. 

Here is an excerpt from the video which will be out in a couple weeks » 

Chase the version of me I want to be, stay on track by following the fear that holds me back.

Climbing up a setback, deep inside of what I lack, I’m stalling, running as fast as I can but feel like I’m crawling.

I tell myself take a break, relax, let what you lack be an empty crack, you don’t have to be whole to be intact.

But I’m not very good at lying to myself, I know I need to catch that uncatchable self.

I know that trying to be more than I am is who I am, I know that I’m in love with the never ending search.

It’s my drive, my passion, my thirst.

And it’s not because I’m never satisfied, it’s because I’m always satisfied.

Untied, fully amplified, learning how to glide in this bumpy ride.

This is my life commute.

It’s not the pursuit of happiness it’s the happiness of pursuit.

Let Your Dreams Awaken You

More funding from the I Do It For Her foundation just came in for the Dream Enablers initiative so apply now! We'll provide the winner with funding and encouragement as they pursue their wildest dreams. This is also how we find our next video subjects as you saw with our latest film "Follow Your Fears" so take a moment to share your story.  

Our New Short Documentary

A couple days ago I released our new short documentary "Follow Your Fears" and since then it's been featured on dozens of blogs, licensed by GoPro, nominated for short of the week and Vimeo staff picks

Creating it was a beautiful struggle filled with many unexpected hurdles but the experience is certainly one I'll never forget.  Thank you Brad O'Neal for pouring your heart out without hesitation and putting everything on the line to make this happen.  

It all started when Brad applied to our Dream Enablers program saying »

I am currently building a ramp in an attempt to be the first person to jump a motorcycle high enough to base jump from. This has been my dream since I was 12 yrs old, when I thought of the idea.  Now at 26 yrs I'm still working on it and hopefully 2014 is my year! Actually the ramp is halfway built and sitting in my driveway lol. Just need outside support and this could be done in march this year.

He did wind up completing the jump in March and walked away safe and sound. Witnessing this process has been an important reminder that obstacles don't exist to stop you, just to test how bad you want it.  

- Yali

Purchase poster here // Designed by Harsya Ibrahim

Die With Memories, Not Dreams.

Ideas are easy, cheap and overrated. They are nothing without execution. Brad O'Neal has become the first person to jump a dirt bike high enough to parachute down (not off a cliff). It’s part of Live Unbound's next documentary “Follow Your Fears”.

Update: It's out! Watch it here.  

Follow Your Fears

If you’re going through a difficult time, consider the possibility that right now you’re exactly where you need to be.

When parasites slip into oysters and threaten their survival, their natural reaction is not to fight it off. Instead they cover it up with the same substance that is used to create their protective shell. Overtime this process creates one of the most admired objects in the world, the pearl.  

Instead of trying to eliminate problems or avoid fears; run towards them. They’re your stepping stones to greatness.

© T. Metspalu