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The Most Important Question

Everyone has a dream.  Most people even know how to achieve it (or at least where to start). But yet they don’t.  Why?  Because we have to balance our hopes and dreams with feeding ourselves, paying debts, or finding work.  But having the security of that next paycheck is not worth a life of restricted potential.  Imagine your goals and dreams as a distant mountain. When life gets very difficult and confusing, stop and ask yourself: am I on the path towards or away from the mountain?  As long as you keep walking towards the mountain, you'll be alright.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman.

Photo by © Jussi Grznar


Take on a challenge that you always thought was beyond your capability.  Pursue an idea despite not knowing if people will respond positively.  Dive into a relationship even if you've been hurt.  Embrace vulnerability and reveal yourself without holding back. 

Exposing who we are (good and bad) takes lots of courage.  The root of the word courage is cor—the Latin word for heart.  It's originally meaning was “To connect by revealing all of your heart.”   For more on this watch Brene Brown's Ted talk.  

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